The Grissim Guides to Manufactured Homes and Land

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Notes on construction table

Here are excerpted notes associated with the first nine criteria shown in the Construction Table excerpt:

Aesthetics: Exterior & Interior Curb appeal is an important consideration for many home buyers, including those who would prefer their new home not have the appearance of a conventional manufactured home. MH interiors can be very attractive, fully comparable to site-built.

Roof pitch: 4/12 is regarded as a minimum pitch for a residential appearance to a site-built home. A 5/12 roof will usually be hinged. Higher pitched roofs will all be hinged.

Eaves & extensions: Eaves are often eliminated from the rear (i.e., back yard side) of an MH to avoid exceeding maximum highway width when in transit, or to cut costs. A home can look ugly without them, even missing on just one side....

Roof insulation: The higher the R number, the greater the insulation. R-values will vary depending on the region of the U.S. The legal minimum for HUD code is R-14/7/7 (for roof/ceiling, walls and floor. As a general rule, higher R values mean less energy is needed to heat and cool a home. Most manufacturers insulate the roof by blowing in cellulose; others use fiberglass battens identical to those in the sidewalls. Both work fine.

Exterior sheathing: This may not be needed if the ext. siding is HardiPanel or some other 4’x8’ wood or cement-fiber product.

Sidewall insulation: R-value R-19 is insulation designed for a 2x6 sidewall. R-13 is a high-density insulation designed for 2x4 exterior sidewalls....