The Grissim Guides to Manufactured Homes and Land

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Index of brands, series and models—and their manufacturers

Industry-wide, there are about 250 brands and model series but thousands of model names, many created to distinguish slight variations in a single floor plan. Not only can this be confusing (even to sales people), but they’re subject to change as builders adjust to market conditions. If a model you’ve seen is not on this list, the retailer will be able to tell you the series and brand to which it belongs.

Below are the first 35 of the more than 300 brands/series described in this guide:

  • 100 Series—Guerdon Homes
  • 200 Series—Guerdon Homes
  • 300 Series—Guerdon Homes
  • Acadian Series—Burlington Homes of Maine
  • Advantage Series—Champion Home Builders
  • Alamo Series—Patriot Homes
  • Anniversary homes—Homebuilders Northwest
  • Anniversary—Modular One LLC
  • Artcraft Homes—Wick Building Systems
  • Aspen series—Homebuilders Northwest
  • Astro Homes—Commodore Corp.
  • Atlantic Homes—Champion Enterprises
  • Augustan—Deer Valley Homes
  • Autumn Manor—Four Seasons Housing
  • Backyard Home Series—Silvercrest Homes
  • Badger Built—Liberty Homes
  • Badger—Liberty Homes
  • Barrington—Fleetwood Enterprises
  • Bay Manor—Homes of Merit
  • Baycrest—Karsten Company
  • Bayview—Fairmont Homes
  • Beacon Hill Homes—Fleetwood Enterprises
  • Benchmark—Franklin Homes
  • Blazer—Deer Valley Homes
  • Bluebonnet Series—Patriot Homes
  • BonnaVilla—BonnaVilla Homes
  • Brentwood II—Virginia Homes Manufacturing
  • Bristol—Virginia Homes Manufacturing Corp.
  • Brookwood Series—Sunshine Homes
  • Buckeye—Palm Harbor Homes
  • Burlington Classic—Burlington Homes of Maine
  • Cabin Series—Guerdon Homes
  • Cabin Series—Summit Crest Homes
  • Canyon Crest—Marlette Homes
  • Cape Coral—ScotBilt Homes....