The Grissim Guides to Manufactured Homes and Land

Book Reviews

Here are excerpts from reviews of The Grissim Ratings Guide to Manufactured Homes.

“An invaluable reference...unquestionably the most detailed and comprehensive guide to manufactured home builders available to potential home buyers.” Bill White, author, Guide to Mobile Homes (a.k.a. manufactured homes), National Consumer Law Center Press

“An essential resource, a wealth of invaluable information...a must for anyone contemplating the purchase of a manufactured home....Grissim doesn’t pull any punches, he tells it the way it is...Potential buyers will be best served by purchasing both books.” St. Petersburg Times (Florida)

“In my 34 years in the manufactured housing industry, I've seen a lot of books about our business, and even wrote one myself. I have never written a review about one until now. This is a great read for people with widely ranging interests...”

“For the first time, a professional researcher and writer has undertaken the huge task of gathering massive amounts of data and writing about the manufacturers. I was stunned at the depth and the accuracy of his book, which makes all the others look amateurish....”

“For persons trying to understand the industry from which they'd like to buy a new home, Grissim gets them close enough to find their own details, yet doesn't pack in minutia that quickly grows out of date.” Steve Hullibarger, author, Developing with Manufactured Homes, MHI Press

Here are excerpts from some reviews of The Grissim Buyer’s Guide to Manufactured Homes & Land in newspapers and magazines, together with comments from other sources:

“...a soup-to-nuts, definitive buying guide to manufactured homes, a comprehensive work.” Marin Independent Journal

“This is a guide no manufactured homebuyer should be without....John Grissim has performed a fine public service in writing this guide ....[Readers] will gain a lot of good information that will help them make a financially sound purchase.” Carson City Appeal

“Finally, consumers have a detailed map of the manufactured home marketplace....Presents a huge amount of sophisticated information about financing, land-home packages, construction quality, leasehold communities and, above all, negotiating a fair deal....Extensive and up-to-date information about the industry....Grissim’s advice on developing sites is especially welcome....He also hopes a new breed of ‘swindle-proof’ consumers will force [industry] change. With this solid book, they have their tool.”Shelterforce magazine

“....offers detailed information on every aspect of planning for, purchasing and situating a manufactured home.” Sequim Gazette

“...Grissim did an outstanding job of research to publish a book that is jam packed with good material....[He] goes to great lengths to point out the cons in each chapter as well as the good points. You can say it is fair and balanced....There is excellent advice for anyone considering a land-lease arrangement....Grissim spells out how to negotiate a square deal on the price and any financing you might need....If you know someone contemplating a manufactured home in Florida, do them a favor and tell them to invest the small purchase price. They will save money, time, effort and frustration [by] reading this book.”St. Petersburg Times

“From locating a reputable dealer and negotiating a fair price to understanding the pros and cons of the manufactured home...packs in insights on the importance of trustworthy dealers, and guidelines for checking out models, land, and construction loans. Everything you need to buy and build one of these homes is here in one handy place.”Midwest Book Review

“...delves into issues that could save buyers thousands of dollars and many headaches.” Reno Gazette-Journal

And from the manufactured home industry, these comments:

“I would like to see every new hire (and a few who have been around for awhile) read this book as a condition of going to work.”Gub Mix, Director, Idaho-Nevada-Utah Manufactured Housing Associations

“As a 20-year-plus industry marketing professional, I know how critical it is that manufactured housing hear the voice of the consumer. John Grissim’s shopping experience not only led to home ownership, but inspired a thoroughly researched consumer guide that I hope the industry welcomes.”Fred Townsend, Principal, Maxxus Consulting, and Merchandiser Magazine columnist

“Highly readable, packed with information, and an absolute must for community owners and managers. We sent copies to all our management and sales staff in our Florida, Arizona and Oregon communities.”Nancy Rickerd, Operations Manager, Jennett Investments, Corona Del Mar, California

“You may or may not agree with John Grissim, but if you make your living in the manufactured housing industry, you need to read this book.”Jeff Wick, President & CEO of Wick Building Systems, Inc. & former Chairman of MHI